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Curvy Ukrainian brunette Josephine Jackson stands in front of a full-length mirror, dressed in a black robe. Some fetish clothing is draped over the frame. Within moments, she reveals she is already wearing a latex top stretched tight over her large breasts, with built-in garter straps at its hem. She caresses herself, manicured fingers massaging her globes and teasing her visibly stiff nipples. Next, she trades her thigh-length, spike-heeled boots for shiny black stockings and attaches the lace tops to her garters. She is wearing no panties and, as she bends over to stroke her thighs, her shaved, juiced-up pussy is visible between her peachy ass cheeks. Then she pulls on a pair of matching lace-up sleeves. Dressed for kink, she frees her incredible tits from her top, a light sheen of sweat glistening on her now-naked skin. She presses them together and lets them fall apart. The camera captures this in close-up, then moves down to take in every detail as her red-nailed fingers tease her moist pussy. Josephine lies back on the floor and fingers her slit, then probes inside of her pussy, moaning with pleasure. As she strokes herself rhythmically, her rack bounces and quivers. She uses both hands, one plowing inside as the other reams her clit, and soon, she is on the brink of orgasm. Her moans become whimpers and yelps, then she cums, knees drawn up to clamp around her hands then splay wide once again. After a few final, lingering caresses, she gets up off of the floor and struts away, with her long boots slung over her shoulder...
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Sis looks so cute in her yellow bikini and after a few drinks we were definitely feeling up on each other. But this wasnt the first time sis and I have had some fun together. She slips off her tiny bottoms and twerks her ass on my big dick. Chloe loves to fuck and I think she likes it even more knowing her wrong it is for us to be together like this. But siss pussy was so tight, I pulled out and blew my load across her face!
Author: Rgporn -Date: 26-08-2019, 23:44 -Views: 44