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Pennys boyfriend Derek seems to think that poker is only a mans game. When Derek enters a poker tournament and discourages Penny from joining because shes a girl, Penny sets out to prove him wrong. Shell do anything to learn the game - even if it means betting her cloths. After Penny masters her poker face, she invites the guys to play a round of poker before the big tournament. The stakes get higher, the room gets hotter, and sexy Penny shows all her cards.
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When a bachelorette party at Emmanuelles house is interrupted by a mysterious loner, strange things begin to happen. The party guests start changing one by one into blood-sucking sexual predators with only Emmanuelle to tame the situation. Will she save her friends or will she fall under the spell of the Prince of Darkness?
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Betty and Tracy cant find out what makes Laceys marriage so successful. After a little investigation, they find out that she provides her lucky husband with private dances. The girls decide to adopt her experience...
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1823. Una carovana da Baghdad a Damasco si sta preparando per la partenza. In esso, insieme ai mercanti, viaggiano la giovane bellezza inglese Sarah, accompagnata da una guardia di sicurezza e ladolescente americano David insieme ai suoi genitori. Quando la carovana viene attaccata dal famigerato Mercante di schiavi di nome «sciacallo», solo David e Sarah sopravvivono.
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Alcune storie bramano di essere raccontate. Storie damore o tragedia. Questo è il caso della storia di Nissa, che è una bella modella di gioielli impigliata in una rete di bugie, tradimento e amore, e si muove su un sentiero stretto pieno di passione, sensualità ed erotismo.
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Dopo che la sua amata si è suicidata, Julianne fugge dalla vita in una grande città in una piccola città fantasma, dimenticata da Dio, Jerome, Arizona. Compra una vecchia casa in cui allinizio del secolo scorso cera un grande bordello. Si mette al lavoro per trasformare un vecchio edificio in un hotel moderno, ma ledificio prende vita i fantasmi e Julianne deve immergersi nel passato…
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After a cars accident, Emmanuelle become amnesic. She goes to hospital where she makes some tests to evaluate the damages on her brain. After some days, Emmanuelle start to remember her live and her travels, especially her trip to Tibet where a monk had predict her future. He told her she would fell in love with a man and that they would recognize each other when meeting.
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