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December 30th, 2019. 3:26 PM. Harassment. Suspect is an 18-year-old white male, 5’9’’. The suspect is caught on camera harassing an older woman on store premises. He is detained and questioned about his aggressive behavior by one of our top disciplinary Officers. Upon interrogation, the suspect seems to take the situation lightly. He laughs as he denies the allegations levied against him, leading the Officer to threaten legal action. After informing the suspect that his parents and police will be informed of his activity, the perp’s tone changes. He is willing to take whatever steps necessary to avoid further prosecution. The rest of this case is classified.
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Theo Ford is obsessed with popular pornstar Connor Maguire. This is disappointing to his hot boyfriend, Logan Moore. Theo decides to film him and Logan fucking to get Connor’s attention. The lovebirds suck each other’s perfect cocks and then rim each other’s horny holes. Theo is a star as he stuffs Logan’s beautiful ass and fucks him hard doggy style. Logan then has his turn to pound Theo’s tight ass. Theo shoots his hot load while Logan’s cock drills his hole.
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Kenneth is a tall, sexy man with a nice chest and a great body overall. He used to play baseball for about 15 years, and seeing him handle those balls and that bat, and working those big arms was a treat in and of itself! On top of that, he was very comfortable with us, “I like jerking off, might as well be on camera! I like people watching, so why not?” Why not indeed! He definitely came to the right place. Kenneth took care of that hard dick of his and gave us a great show.
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We haven’t met anybody as horny as Raphael in a while. He woke up in the morning with a huge boner, and couldn’t stop touching himself while we were trying to interview him…so we just let him take care of that big dick of his. This hot Latino takes good care of his body, and he’s pretty intense, “I’m a very pushy person, if I want something I’m gonna go get it!” Watching him jerk off was a workout in and of itself! He pumped that hung cock so hard until a huge load of cum came right out, which prompted sexy moans and groans...
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Kipp is the kind of guy who is pretty relaxed, and just goes with the flow of life… I guess that’s basically how he got here! To top it all off, he’s really hot! “I was like, ‘Alright, let’s see! This might be fun!’” It looked like he had a lot of fun stroking that uncut dick of his and blowing his load all over himself…I’d say that’s a pretty good definition of fun!
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Nathaniel pretty much likes to do anything outdoors; hiking, surfing, you name it. As a result from the active lifestyle, he’s pretty satisfied with his body, “I love my body, you know, I’m very comfortable with myself, and I really love my abs...and something else!” He reached down to his dick and rubbed it…clearly he couldn’t wait to get started! In the car on our way to the house, he whipped out his dick and started to jerk off right there. “We need to get back to the house now…fast!”
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