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what id like is kindve the same thing as the CEI but coerced Bi on a shemale cock and CEI while on p0 ppers. IF you could wear a thin or shear shirt that would be amazing because breasts are important (not asking for tit worship but with it being trans based still. thank you again for patience, new to this site.MP4 * 1.42 GB * 00:10:04 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
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If you’ve been a good sissy bitch, you’ve been cumming in chastity and filling up ice trays as I commanded in ‘“Cum in chastity sissy tease”… you should have lots of frozen cum cubes by now!…. So you are going to get dressed all sissified as usual – I want you looking very slutty and wear lipstick too. Get those frozen cum cubes out before you watch the clip. Estim cage on that clitty of yours, and rush ready for Me to f0rcefeed you. Stand for inspection.MP4 * 489 MB * 00:11:11 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
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I’ve got heels and lingerie and outfits galore, and I know you want it all. Because once you found your love of crossdressing, there was no way that you could ever go back, isn’t that right my little crossdressing sissy? You’re no longer a ‘he’, are you? No. You are are one hundred percent a she, in your head, your heart and in between your legs, isn’t that right? I know for a fact that your little dick doesn’t work anymore unless you’re in a pair of panties, some high heels, and the prettiest red lips.I can try my best to dress you up, but let’s face it, you’re a fucking guy, right? You’re a dude in a fucking dress whose dick can only get hard while wearing panties. You are a committed crossdresser and your dick can only get hard if you are a committed crossdresser. You spend hours watching makeup tutorials while jerking off your fucking disgusting cock. You stroke your cock to wearing a dress. Jizzing your little panties. You wish so badly you had feminine feet so you could strut about in heels. I know that’s how you get your rocks off. It’s the only way you can get off because now you’re a crossdressing sissy slut whose dick doesn’t work unless you’re dressed up.MP4 * 619 MB * 00:08:19 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
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Aw it must suck to be a whiteboy wimp like you. You drool over hot girls like me all the time – dream of what it would be like to feel my big tits and perfect ass – maybe even to fuck me. It must be so hard for you knowing that you’ll never get anything from me. Hot girls like me don’t fuck whiteboy weaklings like you. Girls like me want to be satisfied by real men with big black cocks – not pee-wee limp-dicked white cocks like yours. It’s time to accept that beta white boys like you are destined to a life of inferiority to superior black men. It’s time to accept you’re going to be a sissy cuckold to one of my big black boyfriends. You’re a failure as a man and you need to come to terms with the fact that your place in life is serving beautiful Alpha white girls like me and our Alpha black studs. First, you’ll be turned into my sissy to strip you of your masculinity and to identify you as less than a man. You need to experience the shame of being forced into pretty girlie clothes in front of a giggling girl as I ridicule you for all your inadequacies. I’m going to thoroughly emasculate you before introducing you to one of my hung black boyfriends. I want HIM to enjoy your humiliation as much as I do. Your useless locked up whiteboy dick will look so pathetic next to his huge black cock. I want you to kneel at the end of our bed in all your feminine frills as a real man fucks me. You’re going to be our sissy cuckold – serving your hot dream girl and her black boyfriend. This is the best a white boy wimp like you can ever hope for. Turned into a sissy cuckold for our amusement!MP4 * 634 MB * 00:12:17 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
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I would love you to make a clip where you play a nurturing, sensual, dominant therapist. I have been sent to you because of a porn addiction and you have decided that I have intimacy issues and that the best way for you to learn how bad off I am is to give me a very long controlling masturbation instruction.. You make me stroke exactly as you instruct and you tease me and take me to the edge several times. You try to break down my fears and get me to relax with you. You see if I’ll finger my ass for you while I stroke and other humiliating tasks, each time encouraging me and saying that this is an intimacy test. You make me thank you while I stroke and you make me beg to cum for you. Throughout the instruction you occasionally make me stop jerking and display my penis for your inspection, if you notice pre-cum you make me taste it. You laugh and smile and encourage me to do your bidding. When you get near the end you tell me that you are going to allow me to cum on your face and glasses, but if I do, I have to lick it off. This, you say, will be very intimate and will help me. I agree and you give a great countdown and tease and edge me and encourage me to shoot all over your glasses. When I finally do you have me clean you up all the while praising and encouraging me. Then you schedule our next appointment. I would love you to tease me with your amazing body, but would also love intimate (whispery) close ups if possibleMP4 * 715 MB * 00:22:50 * 854x480 Jerk off me Watch Online
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I am wearing my Northface amazing fleece soft black jacket, with my tight leggings with Knit Ugg Boots. You already know this, because your wearing the same thing you fucking sissy slut. These are womans clothing, you wanna be snug and warm like a woman? Are you going to jerk your cock to my soft fleece fuzzy jacket? You wanna tuck your cock through that hole and jerk that sissy fuck cock. I talk about my fleece and the touch and feel of it, while telling you to fuck the armhole. Who even thinks of that? Taste you pre cum you whore sissy cum slut, I instruct you to how and when to jerk that cock. Laughing at you, I am being loud and obnoxious. Over the top goddess is being with humiliation, I tell you to assume the position while legs over your head, jerking your weenie. Open that slut mouth of yours and milk that cock for everything. Count with me…. Cum all over your face and in your mouth SISSY.. Sour face?MP4 * 842 MB * 00:11:47 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
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I love planning weddings and yours is gonna be the best yet! I can’t wait! It’s going to be the most humiliating day of your entire life. Besides the fact you’re going to be the submissive sissy bride in the most beautiful wedding dress in front of a room full of giggling guests you’re also going to be given away to a man! Oh yes you are sissy! I’m forcing you to get married to a man and the best thing is – it’s actually legal now too! I’m planning everything – from the sexy wedding lingerie you’re going to be wearing, the pretty dress, the shoes, your hair and makeup – I’m even writing your vows for you. The best thing about planning your big day for you is I get to make every single aspect as humiliating as possible for you. Your lingerie will be white satin with pretty pink bows and little jingling bells. Your panties will hide your big jewelled butt plug that’ll give you the perfect wiggle down the aisle. The bulge of your little silver chastity device will be hidden away under layers of petticoats and the shortest sissy-bride’s dress I can find. Your white lace stocking tops will be seen by everyone as you tremble through the ceremony on your white patent stripper-heels. You’ll be led to your husband to be on a collar and lead and made to kneel next to him as your emasculating vows are explained to you and then you’ll be married – to a man! You’ll be taken to your honeymoon suite and shackled to the bed while your new husband and his best men give you a taste of what married life is going to mean for you sissy. I’ll be at the wedding reception giggling with the girls about how we ruined your whole life!MP4 * 604 MB * 00:11:39 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
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I know that your ex used to dress you up in pretty thongs and she told me all about how horny it makes you. Now I want to own you and feminize you completely, making you MY panty bitch and see what a girly, little, fairy you can be for me.I want you dressed in your best, pink sissy outfit as I tease you in my beautiful, expensive lingerie. Youre gonna be making such a mess in your thong panties! Ill make you use a little butt plug in your slutty sissy bottom for me and a vibrating cock ring on your throbbing clit until youre moaning and whimpering. I want you to cum like a girly bitch for me in those panties while I humiliate and tease you.MP4 * 1.50 GB * 00:29:19 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
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Your brain turns to mush when you worship hot brats. Getting high and humiliating yourself makes your sissy clit throb. Prepare your lube and dildo for me, sissy whore. Youre gonna be begging me to let you fill yourself with it. 5 minutes is all you need because youre such a quick cummer, especially when you start tickling your g-spot! Youre gonna spray all over yourself while you look into my eyes.MP4 * 377 MB * 00:07:12 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
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Custom vid (no name mentioned) of me, Mistress T, talking about “the rules” of what I require from a sissy, cross dressing slave. “Recently I have opened a special social club that caters to cross dressers and the men who admire them. I will need you at the club as a sissy and be prepared to pleasure men (or women) as I see fit. You will need to wear full makeup ladies attire. I’m sure you know what most of these men want: first and foremost a good blowjob. Do you know how to give a good blowjob? I hope so because that’s important in this role. Also we get couples who need a submissive.” I guide you in a MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION explaining your role at the club, in particular all the sissy cock sucking cum eating you’ll be doing.MP4 * 363 MB * 00:12:34 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
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