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Ryan Keely has…. Cravings. She wakes up on a beautiful morning, and wants to start the day off right - with a bright smile and her clit quivering! Unfortunately, her husband doesn't seem up to the task, she begins running her hands along her beautifully curvy MILF body. Squeezing her round tits, playing with her tight lips, moaning softly. Wait, what the fuck was that? Is someone out there? She scrambles out as she hears her daughter's friend, the bad influence herself Kenzie Reeves, trying to sneak in. With a bag full of dildos, rope, and sex toys, this college cutie is definitely up to no good. Well, what's a frustrated mom to do?
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The house is a fucking mess after the shoot so we called the service to clean up. Canela and her big latin ass showed up. The leggins she was wearing could barely hold in those phat cheeks. As she was cleaning, she came across some thongs and a huge dildo that were laying around. She wasn't bothered by this at all. Instead, it looked like she was turned on. After some initial flirting, I talked her into cleaning without the leggins for an extra $100 and she agreed. I think she likes showing that bubble booty every chance she gets. After she played with the dildo, she was ready for the real thing. My pants were already down and she got to cleaning my shaft and balls real good. I had to get some of that ass, so she turned around and my dick went right up her tight asshole. She moaned, screamed, and even squirted as I plowed that ass over and over. She was paid for her efforts with a load in her mouth and pretty face.
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Ava Addams shows off her huge, bouncing tits, and takes to fucking on her bed. She takes out her man's big cock and begins sucking it as soon as it's out. She gets on her back and takes the cock deep in her tight little cunt. Today she's gonna take it in every whole, because that's the way Ava is: every hole, every time. SHe gets fucked in the ass nice and hard and loves every second she's taking every inch. But she's an exploratory slut, and likes to be fucked in more than one location. So she travels to the far off land of her bathroom, where she drops to her knees and takes the big cock deep in her mouth again, tasting her pussy juices on it and loving every drop. Next, she spreads her ass and takes cock deep inside her ass. She sits on it first, taking it reverse cowgirl style, getting every inch of the thick shaft deep in her tight little asshole and loving every minutes that she is grinding and bouncing on the huge rod. She loves being opened up and fucked hard and gaped until she cums. Next she bends over and gets pounded in the ass from behind, taking the fat dick as hard as she can again. Once her ass is fucked and open, she drops to her knees and takes the fat dick in her mouth, and tasting her ass in a hot ass-to-mouth blowjob that ends in her taking a massive load of her man's white hot cum. He jerks off all over her as she waits on her knees until the cvum sprays all over her tits and face. She just loves tasting the droplets that have splattered all over her massive rack.
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Welcome back to Mr. Salty's, a lusty paragon of sexual depravity and excess, disguised as your average adult bookstore and theatre. Don't be fooled, though, what goes on in the deepest, darkest of back rooms at Salty's would make Larry Flint, The Gimp from Pulp Fiction, and the Marquis de Sade recoil in shock and disbelief. This week's subject, Ella Knox, is a stacked natural beauty who falls under Mr. Salty's spell and performs nasty acts she could never imagine in her regular life. Ella walks into Salty's a seemingly normal girl, but instantly she is overcome by the atmosphere of pure sex and starts handing out explicit notes to the male patrons in the front. She takes off her panties and hands them to the first stranger she sees, then strolls up to the clerk and tells him she wants his cock. She continues to entice the rest of the men browsing the DVDs to make them follow her back to the theatre. She gets onstage and performs a sultry striptease for her audience before going even farther back into the recesses of Salty's and giving the guys an X-rated show in one of the booths. Having worked her men up into a sexual froth, she leaves her heaving natural boobs out and leads the team of guys back into the back room's back room for an all-out blowbang! Ella sucks off nearly a dozen guys who cum all over her face and huge tits, leaving her a cum-covered, sticky mess. Once all her followers are drained, they slink out the back door, aghast at what they have witnessed. After they all leave, a satisfied, changed Ella walks out of Mr. Salty's alone, covered in sperm, never to be that same sweet girl again. Ella Knox, another innocent corrupted by Mr. Salty's. Who will be the next sexy prey? Return to Mr. Salty's, the most sordid sex palace ever created, to find out...
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Welcome to Mr. Salty's. What is this place? Salty's is a porno paradise. It's the sleaziest adult DVD shop you can imagine in the front, paired with an even sleazier strip club in the back. Salty's is so full of sexual indulgence, even its back room strip club has a back room! That's where all the action takes place. Meet Lyra Lockhart, Salty's first seductress who wanders in with her hands full of little notes. Lyra casually strolls through the DVD racks and the guys browsing them, slyly handing out her handwritten notes to the men (even the clerk behind the counter). Each note has a sexy message on it, like "I'm not wearing any panties," or "I'm half your age." Lyra uses these to tempt the guys into following her into the strip club. It doesn't take long for all of them, including the clerk, to make their way to the stage to watch Lyra give a steamy striptease. Once she's half naked and has the guys fully turned on, she leads them back to the darkened, secret room behind the strip club. This is where it gets hot! Lyra already has her tits out and an open mouth, waiting for somebody to fill it. It doesn't take long for a sea of naked guys to surround her and give her all the dicks she can suck. With Lyra's expert oral skills, the cumshots start flying across her cute face and onto her big, natural boobs. Lyra takes nearly a dozen loads in her mouth, on her face, and all over her tight body. This leaves her with a creamy mess from head to toe. All her men quietly file out the back door, very satisfied. An equally satisfied Lyra exits Mr. Salty's with a huge smile and a whole lot of dried cum on her face. This is the kind of lusty excess you can expect at Mr. Salty's. Come back next time when another girl will seduce a new group of unsuspecting guys in the sexiest, sleaziest backroom on the planet!
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