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Cyndie (Cyndie Summers) is at college when she learns of the passing of her mother, who had been institutionalized for many years. She must return to the home of her birth to claim her inheritance, which includes the mansion and grounds. Before leaving she meets with Arthur (Arthur Hendricks), the family lawyer, who tells her something of the family history, which is shrouded in mystery. Arthur tells her that the mansion has been maintained for some time by her aunt, Meredith (Meredith Raye), who has a bit of an odd reputation: the townspeople think her a witch! That night Cyndies very little, as she will not see her boyfriend, Rick for some time. He cautions her to be careful, as he doesn’t trust Arthur, she is to call him as soon as she can. Cyndie is greeted warmly by Aunt Meredith, but the coffee is drugged, and Cyndie soon learns that Meredith is indeed a witch, and Cyndie is to be inducted into the cult, which practices an interesting form of sexual black-magic
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A slut recounts lesbian love bathroom encounters and more to her psychologist under hypnosis. The incredibly awkward dialog and minimal production value make this sleazy rarity.
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After her husband rejects her, Nora Pelham is advised by Dr. Malcolm to have an affair. Soon enough, even the fortune teller Madame Chaney convinces Nora having sex with her is already determined by fate.
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An innocent and naive young woman arrives in Los Angeles to make it as a big-name actress, only to suffer though the pain and humiliation of the casting couch routine again and again thus getting a first hand look at Hollywood at its worst.
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In this very standard interracial video, Summer Rose and Lynn Lemay dream about black men. Summer sees a psychiatrist who tells of one of his patients’ obsession with his black nurse. Summer has sex with the shrink (this is known as the doctor/patient privilege). The doctor’s other patient turns out to be the black man that Summer dreamed of (got that?).
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Remake of the famous film "Caligula". Narrative of the life of the famous ruler of the ancient world the Boots are known for their eccentricity, cruelty, lust for power and sexual uncontrollability. Ptychadena presented the main and most savory Orgy scene in the middle of the movie (not to be confused with the original from the Tinto Brass)...
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If you think youve been exposed to cybersex, we have a group wed like you to meet... The fact that virtual sex leads to other, more real meetings.
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Emmanuelle withdraws into a temple in Tibet, where she wants to find to her true self. Shes given a mystic substance which will give her youth and allow her to enter the souls of other women. Now she sets out and searches her true love Mario from 20 years ago. When he sees young Emmanuelle, he doesnt believe its really her, but she retells all the juicy details of her past to prove it to him.
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‘Heaven’s Touch is touched with excellence.’ ‘Who need’s Heaven? Naughty nymphs Sharon Kane and Joanna Storm add a spark of paradise to the film’s explosive proceedings.’ ‘Sharon Kane is past hot, she’s closer to spontaneous combustion.’ ‘Heaven’s Touch is full of steamy, throbbing sex, the foursome between three secretaries and Michael Knight is an X-rated classic’.
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Popular singer in love with Johnnie, a computer analyst who works with a giant talking computer. Little does Frankie know that Johnnie is sleeping around with Alice, her best friend, and is only after Frankie’s money! Through flashbacks, we follow their meeting at a party which results in a threeway, Johnnie getting pummeled by Frankie’s psychotic husband before she divorces his ass, and the doomed romance comes to a close with tragedy.
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