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Lina Luxa is a 19-year-old French wench who started taking her clothes off to get fucked in front of a camera when she was 18 and got her first taste of BDSM and rough sex shortly afterwards. She hasn’t looked back. For the last couple of months, one of her fuck buddies has been putting her on a dog’s leash and treating her like his, well… bitch really. And she came along to PSS rather hopeful that we could incorporate her current kink into her scene. Which we could and we did. Lina plays Pascal’s new puppy, which he then fucks in a particularly ungentlemanly way.
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Cassandra Cain knows the rules, but that does not mean she always follows them. Today, she sneaks out to smoke a cigarette knowing full well what the consequences will be. Her man is pissed and commands her to get upstairs and get ready to be punished. She smirks as she climbs the steps to their room, imagining all the dirty things he is going to do to her. She gags herself and then gasps as he whips her tight ass. She moans orgasmically as he pounds while wrapping his hand around her submissive neck. Then he fills her mouth up with hot semen. He thinks she has learned her lesson, but by the time he is done dishing out the domination, Cassandra is already planning her next smoke session.
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You love my tits more than anything, don't you? I'm always teasing you with them and it drives you absolutely crazy. Well, I've come up with a way for you to earn the right to see them in all their glory. You'll have to suck cock for me. That's right, cock. But not fantasy cock like you've imagined before... oh no. This has to be real cock. You said you wanted to see them more than anything in the world, right? You're going to go find a male escort and call him up, have him come over, and...MP4 * 404 MB * 00:09:08 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online
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*laughs* you know all you are ever going to be is a two pump chump. it is only going to take you two minutes to cum...I'm soo naked under this blanket. So horny it makes your little loser dick...you will never be able to actually SEE Me naked. you jerk so fast...you cum so fast and you have the tiniest load. you know you have to jerk for a long time for a big load of cum right? well you jerk it so fast, cum so fast...means you have a tiny little amount of cum. you can't help but cum quickly like the little loser that you are!MP4 * 185 MB * 00:03:11 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
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No better way to live your life but to constantly stroke to me pay the price of being such a big gooning addict! My methods rubbed off on you since you can't stop rubbing yourself uncontrolably, you're already hard, you know what's ahead, you masturbating like a desperate mutt eating me up with your greedy eyes, watch my tits push together begging me to have your release, but it won't ever happen, you're here to get fucked, chronically masturbate having this video on repeat over and over, because you're a mindless stroke puppet that can't get enough of me, ever. You're trapped in this cycle to continue til your cocks all blue for me, my words left on repeat have your head utterly washed off all unnescarry though your wallet mine completely, just like it should be!MP4 * 1.18 GB * 00:09:58 * 1920x1080 Jerk off me Watch Online
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