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SCENE OPENS as Rick, a college student, is watching TV one afternoon at his girlfriend parents house. Gina, who recently turned 18, is housesitting for her folks and casually enters the room with a snack for her boyfriend. She is madly in love with him ... and her parents approve too. Even though they are a few years apart, Rick has always been accepted as part of the family. Now, with them away for the whole week, its the perfect opportunity for the couple to play house and Gina is soaking up every minute of it. She sits beside her man, snuggles up, and watches while he eats. After a few minutes of small talk, a look comes over Rick. Hey, do you want to do something else? He asks coyly. Before Gina can respond, he pulls her onto her lap and starts to kiss her. She smiles and kisses him back, unbuttoning his shirt. The young couple tear each others clothes off as they make out. After a few intense minutes of foreplay, Rick flips Gina onto all fours to mount her. The camera focuses on her reaction, as she eagerly waits for her boyfriend to enter. He kisses down her back and leans back to penetrate, when suddenly, her expression changes. WAIT! She yells, and Rick pulls out and sits back. What? he asks, a sly smirk on his face. Looking irritated, she stands up and starts gathering her things in silence. What?! he asks again. Like I told you last time, Rick! she says sternly. You keep trying to put it in the wrong hole!
The next morning. Gina steps out of the shower, wrapping a towel around her body. She goes to the vanity and starts brushing her teeth when she begins to hear sounds coming from her room. She left her boyfriend resting in there. Spitting out her toothpaste, she struts back into her room to find her boyfriend watching porn on her laptop. Rick! she interrupts. What are you doing? Its 10am! He acts aloof and she walks over to the screen, peering down to see what it is hes watching. Its an anal sex scene. Thats disgusting! she says. Rick slowly pulls off her towel, cooing This is what I always do in the morning, babe. I thought you wanted to play house this week? Im just trying to keep it real! He charms her onto the bed and, trying to hide her smile, she sits down. I dont know why you need to watch that stuff when you have me right here, she says quietly. Rick looks her right in the eye. Because Im a dude and thats what we do. Awkwardly, she kisses him and asks that he not watch it at her house. Leaning in close, he whispers that he wouldnt have to if she just let him try it once. The camera lingers on Ginas conflicted face.
One day later. Gina is cooking in the kitchen when Rick comes home from class. He drops his backpack and jokingly says honey, Im home! before running in to kiss her. She seems very happy to be playing house and asks him to help her finish dinner. While they cook together, she asks about his day and reiterates how fun its been this week to live together. Now that she is 18, they should start to talk about doing it for real. Rick appeases her, agreeing to everything, as his hands start to run down her waist and around her ass. The more she talks, the more distracted he gets, kissing her neck and start to rub himself up against her backside. At first, she finds it cute but soon gets frustrated at how focused her boyfriend is on her butt. She stops him and demands respect. How many times does she have to tell him: good girls dont have anal sex. This time, Rick reacts differently. Rather than brush it off or make light of it, he looks genuinely angry. Blowing up at her, he tells her that he doesnt understand why shes such a prude. Theyve been together for three years. He has always been a gentleman. All his friends girlfriends give it up no problem. Why is she holding him back from trying something hes always wanted to try? Does she want to push him away? There are plenty of girls at his school whod been willing to help him out! Gina is dumbstruck by her boyfriends reaction. She asks him if thats an ultimatum and, shaking his head, he tells her that he cant do it any longer. Hes breaking up with her. He storms out of the house, grabbing his bag on the way out, and leaves the girl to crumble into tears in the kitchen.
One day later. Gina sits, heartbroken, on her bed. She opens her laptop and finds the last page viewed on her browser: the anal sex scene her boyfriend had been watching. She stares at it coldly, pressing play and watching in silence as her room fills with sounds of anal orgasms.
Two days later. Gina opens the door to let Rick inside. Its been three days since he stormed out of her parents house and she is beside herself. She has texted him and asked to talk to him. Taking his hand, she leads him back to her bedroom and sits him down on the bed. He isnt sure how to react.
She takes a long deep breath before breaking into a speech, something she clearly spent the last few days preparing. She tells him that she loves him, that he is her best friend, and that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. She knows how much he wants to try anal and, after thinking it over, she will agree to try it for him. But only once and ONLY if he promises to leave it alone afterwards. Ricks face lights up. He asks if she is sure. Looking at him coldly, she tells him yes. Shell do it ... for him. This descends into the BGA scene. It takes a long time to get the first successful anal penetration and Gina resigns herself to the painal feelings that come with having anal sex for the first time. Rick eagerly talks her through it, every step of the way, taking great pleasure in the experience. The more she loosens up, the more he enjoys it. Overall, the sex scene should accurately portray a first-time anal experience with hyper-realism in terms of reactions.
After he has pulled out and cum on her ass, Rick happily curls up beside his girlfriend in bed. He kisses her and tells her how much he loves her. He thanks her profusely for letting them try this together. Overwhelmed by the experience but happy her boyfriend is back, Gina grimaces and tells him she loves him too. As they rest, Rick whispers softly in her ear that, next time, they should try it with one of his friends. Her eyes pop open, as she realizes what shes gotten herself into!Site: Genre: Categories Brunette, Hardcore, Anal, Natural Tits, Small Tits, Rim Job, Fingering, Interracial, Blowjob, CumshotDateRelease: 05-29-2018%image_main%https://images01-fame.gammacdn.com/movies/68744/68744_01/previews/2/239/top_1_960x544/68744_01_01.jpg%image_main%
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SCENE opens on the interior of a medical exam room as the door opens - a doctor enters the room and closes the door behind him, then greets the young woman sitting waiting on the examination table as Dr. Greenwood. He thanks her for coming and for participating in the clinical trial - she just has to pass a quick screener and then they can begin. Holding up a clipboard and pen, he asks her some questions - her name (Jamie Lawson), her age (I just turned 18 a couple of months ago), is she pregnant (no), does she have any history of health conditions - asthma, heart problems, osteoporosis, breast cancer (no, none), and her level of daily physical activity (well I play lacrosse about twice a week, plus daily running and morning yoga). He makes a quip that she must be quite flexible, to which she rolls her eyes and says sarcastically that shes never heard that one before. Satisfied with the responses, the doctor tells her hes going to be asking her to complete a series of exercises, while monitoring her to measure physical stimulation and stress. They have equipment set up in a room down the hall. On their way out the door of the exam room, Jamie jokes that she doesnt stress easily, and Dr. Greenwood smirks in reply and says Dont worry, Im sure well find a way to get you to break a sweat!
We cut back to the two already midway through setting up in another larger room, containing a hybrid of medical and exercise equipment. The doctor is mostly done applying medical electrodes to her temples and clavicles. The last thing he has to do before they begin is to take her blood pressure and resting heart rate, so he can compare these with after the trial. First he takes her blood pressure - as he moves to strap it around her arm his hand brushes against her breast, he chuckles a brief apology and continues as if nothing happened.
Jamie tries to make small talk with him as he pumps and holds the gauge in his other hand - So, what is this trial for? Some sort of new performance drug or something? The doctor provides only the most evasive of replies - he cant discuss the trial with the subjects beforehand or it could compromise the results. Youre offering way more for this study than the last one of these I did, Jamie remarks. Oh, is that so? the doctor replies, still acting elusive. Does she sign up for clinical trials often? Yeah, well not until recently but I really need the extra help right now, Jamie grumbles, my dad hurt his knee and cant work so Im trying to support him whenever I can. Its a drag, but Im hoping it wont be for much longer. The doctor smiles politely and says Well, we have your contact information now so if more of these opportunities come along, well be sure to contact you. He finishes taking her blood pressure, notes something on his clipboard, and then tells her hell take her heart rate now. Do I have permission to touch your chest? Jamie looks taken aback - she supposes so, but dont they usually check at the neck? I prefer my own methods, the doctor insists, and reaches his hand towards her chest to feel her heart. Again, his hand brushes her breasts - this time he doesnt apologize. Jamie looks a bit flustered and is about to speak up, but thinks better of it.
After a long awkward moment, the doctor releases his hand from her chest and notes something on the clipboard. He pats his legs, stands up, and says great - theyre ready to get started! Hed like her to start with some simple jumping jacks. He stands her up in the middle of the room, the wires leading from her body to a small handheld device he holds in one hand, his clipboard in the other. He asks her to begin. She does a few, but he stops her. Ill need you to remove your bra, actually. What? Why? she protests. It interferes with the test, he says vaguely, but he assures her its quite necessary to the results. He turns around so that she can take it off with some privacy - she lifts her shirt up to reveal the bra, and unclaspsit, exposing her breasts momentarily before pulling her tank-top back down to cover them. Beginning the exercise again, her breasts now bounce up and down tantalizingly beneath her shirt as she jumps - with the doctor and the camera both clearly narrowing in on this bouncing as their primary interest.After several jumps with no indication of stopping, Jamie gets a bit frazzled and asks the doctor how many of these shes expected to do - this snaps him out of his reverie and he nonchalantly says five more, and then well move on to the next exercise. Jamie exhales sharply, a bit frustrated, butacquiesces.
Next is an exercise bike - Dr. Greenwood asks her to mount it, and then begin cycling at a pace shes comfortable with to start. He stands behind the bike - his focus clearly fixated on the crack of her ass peeking out of her yoga pants as she pedals - and he offers her some mild platitudes to keep herencouraged. After a minute, he heads to the front to increase the resistance of the pedals - we need to see you break out a sweat, so lets turn it up a bit, shall we?, he says, and then instructs her to continue.
CUT to roughly fifteen minutes later - Jamie has been on the bike for a while now, as is obvious by the thick beads of sweat dripping down her face and chest, and soaking her workout clothes. Shes showing no signs of exhaustion yet, but its clear the workout is no walk in the park for her either. The doctor meanwhile is still just looking her over, with perverse appreciation. Thats enough of that for now, he says finally, and Jamie lets out a sigh of relief and slows her pedaling down. She gets off the bike and takes a nearby towel to wipe off the seat. Thats quite alright, you can leave it the doctor says. Jamie looks increasingly puzzled but shrugs and starts to pat her head with the towel. The doctor rips the towel out of her hand - I didnt say you could do that yet. Jamie starts to argue that shes just wiping sweat off when the doctor cuts her off - If you want to disagree with my methods, thats fine, you can leave at any time and Ill just move on to the next subject. Jamie realizes how bad she needs the compensation, and holds her tongue. Whats next, then? she asks. He tells her to go grab the exercise mat a few feet away. As she turns around to fetch it, he runs his finger along the sweaty bike seat and then sniffs or licks his fingertip.
Once the mats in place in the floor center, the doctor proceeds to have Jamie remove her shoes and socks, and then do various flexibility tests - bend over and touch your toes, sit legs spread and reach forward, assume various yoga poses... he licks his lips as he watches each of these poses, which thanks to her sweat-drenched clothes and no bra are extremely revealing. Jamie can increasingly feel his eyes on her as she strikes each pose - finally, after the third or fourth yoga pose she snaps at him. Youre not even writing anything down anymore, youre just staring at me! The doctor seems unfazed by her sudden outburst. Well move on to the next test, then... No, she exclaims. No more of these weird tests. What was it he even said these tests were for?
Dr. Greenwood reminds her that hes monitoring her physical responses to stress and stimulus. He says that now that theyve gotten the stress tests out of the way, its time for the stimulus tests. He goes to a small table nearby and procures a sleek black featureless vibrator. Calmly, he tells Jamie that she will have to pleasure herself while he monitors her physical reactions. Jamie snaps - theres no way shes doing that. This isnt what she signed up for. The doctor sighs and shrugs - thats fine, he understands. Of course, he cant compensate her for incomplete participation - but if she stays, hell triple the amount that was offered in the ad. Jamie flat out refuses, it doesnt matter what he offers her, shes not doing that. Indifferent, the doctor says he supposes that shell just have to find some other way to support her dad. He muses that someone her age could probably make that amount in about two weeks of working full-time. A shame that shell throw away two whole weeks of her life instead of spending just one hourdoing something perfectly harmless... not just harmless, but enjoyable, even. Jamie is torn... but with some convincing, and some insistence that the doctor keeps his distance, only watches, and isnt recording her, she agrees.
She hesitantly pulls her yoga pants to her ankles, sets herself down on the mat and takes the vibrator in hand, and reluctantly starts pleasuring herself. The doctor watches intently, at first taking a note or two but quickly abandoning the pretense, his hand moving to his crotch for some over-the-pants strokes. She tries to avoid meeting his eyes, but at times he insists she looks at him or gives her some other instruction to follow to humiliate her further. The conflict between her physical pleasure and her emotional discomfort is obvious. After some minutes of this, he crouches down to her level and says warmly Its time, Ms. Lawson. He begins to peel off the electrodes and wires hooked to her. She looks relieved - you mean the trials done? He shakes his head. No, I mean its time for you to let me fuck you.
Jamie protests weakly - he agreed he was just going to watch. He smiles coldly. Come on Jamie, you knew where this was going. Did you honestly think I wasnt going to ask for more? If you really werent up for the possibility, you would have left the second I asked you to touch yourself. Jamie insists thats not true, she trusted him, but her words lack conviction. Youre a little slut, he continues calmly. You were fine with letting a complete stranger watch you strip and pleasure yourself. So stop lying to us both. We both know youre going to let me fuck you, so just be a good little slut, say yes to it and spare us the drama. Jamie sputters, but she has no words. Eventually she bitterly says Ok... just get it over with. Site: Genre: Categories Hardcore, Natural Tits, Small Tits, Teen, 69, Petite, Interracial, Blowjob, Deepthroat, Big DickDateRelease: 07-10-2018%image_main%https://images04-fame.gammacdn.com/movies/69115/69115_01/previews/2/239/top_1_960x544/69115_01_01.jpg%image_main%
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I called my friend Kira Noir and invited her and her boyfriend Lucas Frost over to have sex on my new couch. Theyre too loud when they fuck and it always bothers their prude neighbors, so I insisted they go wild. Theyre a pretty cute couple and very horny sluts, and could hardly get in the door before someone was getting their ass licked! It was fun to watch and film Kira twerking her oiled up booty at every angle on and off a cock - you know, just to make sure the couch worked! And besides, I think this is really what friends are for- making memories and having giggly orgasms on gently loved couches!
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Theres romance in the air as cute punk couple Kira Noir and Small Hands break and enter into a strangers house to make mischief and by make mischief I mean have anal sex in their bed! The thrill of getting caught was a huge turn on to them, and they ravished each other on the unfamiliar furniture, fondling and sucking and spanking sensitive areas. Small Hands likes to show his appreciation to his sweet little felon by sliding his meat deeply down her throat over the side of a bed and pounding her in the ass with such care. Its truly romantic as fuck!
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Aaliyah Hadid channels her inner Amber Rose during the best spa day ever, complete with a romantic as fuck full body oil massage from her handsome stud Small Hands! He lubes up her big tits and juicy booty, exploring with his fingers before commencing a massage of her holes with his tongue and cock. She excitedly sucks him deep down her throat, drooling and gagging on her prize meat before he sensually slides inside her pussy and pounds her perfect ass right on the massage table, eventually climaxing on her beautiful face!
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