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Annoyed by the noise from the neighbours, the guy is running to shut them down, without realising the he is about to be sucked into the experience of his life time! Doors opened, he is stunned to find two hot girls Tequila and Sasha Rose fucking each other with a lot of noise. Tequila gets out to catch him and invites him to join them with a hot, deep blowjob. Left with no choice, he jumps into the bed and the all the rest is inside this breathtaking movie!
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Kinky lifestyle couple Whitney Wright and her man are planning out their next sexual adventure together. The stunning Whitney has some ideas after reading Abduction. A steamy chat between Tommy and her bring out ideas of a stranger invading her home while she is alone. Chasing her and taking her down as she screams for no and for him to stop. She will beg this stranger to let her go, but she truly desires more. He will tie her up and make her service him through pain and punishment. Slapping, corporal punishment, flogging, all turn Whitneys perfect ass red. Bound in tight restrictive rope bondage, she struggles but is unable to free herself. He tells her to suck his cock deep down her throat and demands that she doesnt use her teeth, until told. Her slobbery blowjob drips all over his hard cock. Its now time for this stranger, The Gas Man, to take what he really wants, all her holes. He will stretch and use them all for his desires. Tied up in full restrictive bondage, he starts with her tight wet pussy. Pounding her deep gets her screaming. He takes out her red ball gag and has her work on his cock more. She needs to get it wet and ready for her asshole. Tommy then takes her for deep pounding anal. She screams for him and begs him to cum all over her. Качество видео: SiteRip
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Nice weather and sunny days are a recipe for getting nude in the pool. Today the two gorgeous girls, Isizzu and Katrin Tequila spend their day outdoors relaxing. Katrin invites Isizzu next to her, on the side of the pool and they start touching eachother, they kiss and finger their nice pussies. Its a great view seeing their round asses and big tits with small nipples in action. Качество видео: SiteRip
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Newlyweds Talia Mint and Michael Fly wake up in the morning next to each other, happy to be spending time together. Talia climbs on top of Micheal and kisses him, then reaches under the covers so she can stroke his cock. As Michael plays with her boobs, Talia slides down to his crotch. Talia licks up and down Michaels shaft, then gives him a sultry blowjob. Intensely turned on, Talia tears her nightgown off, then swings her legs over Michaels body so he can eat her pussy as they 69. Telling her man she wants to fuck, Talia teases her own pussy with his big dick, then rides him reverse cowgirl. After some hard doggystyle, Michael pulls out and cums on Talias booty!
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Cherry Torn is moving out of her building, so her hot friend Zoe Sparx offers to help. In the process, she confesses to Cherry how much shes going to miss her. Cherry feels the same, which is why shes been planning a little going away present for her friend. The unsuspecting Zoe is brought to Cherrys dungeon where Cherry lets her know whats in store. Zoe is going to be her little plaything. Zoe never imagined this would happen, but before she knows it, shes stripped naked and finds herself in Cherrys dominating grip. Zoes enormously excited, because shes known to everyone as the little pleaser. Cherry plays with her ass, squeezing, probing, stretching and spanking it until it glows red. Zoe suspects shes in over her head, but she just cant resist her sexy, dominant friend telling her what to do, and using her for her own pleasure. Cherry ties her to a cross, and uses a crop on her sensitive feet, her tender thighs and dripping pussy. The entire affair, getting to control her neighbor after all this time, makes Cherrys own pussy soaking wet. Zoes big nipples are an easy target for some hard metal clamps. She can barely manage the pain, but its all worth it when Cherry slides down and works her pussy with her tongue. But more pain soon follows the pleasure. Zoes tied up in a rope suspension, and she continues to take more and more abuse from the flogger. Once shes broken-in, Cherry cracks out the strap-on. Zoes ankles are tied to her wrists, and her pussy and ass are wide open for anything. Cherry fucks Zoes pussy, driving her strap-on cock deep inside. She then turns her attention to her ass, fingering it before pounding the strap-on inside. She fucks her friend missionary, then doggystyle, then she flips her on her head for a piledriver. Zoes tight little ass takes it all. She cums hard in a crazy, sensory overload. To finish her off, Cherry sits on Zoes face while Zoe hungrily sucks and eats that delicious, dripping wet pussy and tight puckered asshole. Cherry cums on Zoes face, then its back to business, packing her things. Its a going away present to top them all. Качество видео: SiteRip
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