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Kailani Kai is just at home taking a shower, while a robber slips in the house! The sight of Kailani getting her luscious tits soapy stops him in his track. She continues to rub her giant bazooms. She eventually massages her clit. in the heat of the moment, our robber makes a noise. Shes alerted and checks out the noise. Jax grabs her and forces her to suck his giant black cock. Kailani loves it, she gets up to get pounded in the bedroom. She rides that cock until climax.
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Winter Jade has been crushing on her roommate, Damon Dice, for almost as long as theyve been living together. Up until now, Damon has had a girlfriend and Winter has respected that. Since Damon is newly single, though, Winter considers him fair game. She doesnt quite know how shes going to get her foot in the door with Damon, but he gives her an unexpected opportunity when he comes knocking to ask if she has any laundry he can throw into the machine.
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Tyler Nixon is in a bit of a pickle. He and his hot stepsister Chloe Temple recently showered together as a matter of practicality, complete with some accidental touching. Now Chloe seems to have moved one while Tyler is still wrapped up in her body. Chloe asks Tyler to help her with a drama class that she takes very seriously by doing a reading with her. When Tyler hesitates and tries to bring up the shower, Chloe starts bargaining. She offers to do Tylers chores for a whole week. When that doesnt work, she throws in washing his car.
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