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Ally Kay - Ally is a self-described clit-happy girl who masturbates as much as she can whenever she can find the time. After a little more prying, she tells us she likes to think about penis, penis, and more penis when she stirs her soup. She starts to giggle once she gets a couple fingers in, and its hard to believe that this girl suffers from a clinically small vagina, given how wonderfully proportioned it looks from where I stood. And the sound her butterfly makes when she penetrates it just brings a tear to ones eye. Ah, youth.
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Angelica Raven - Dark and sexy Angelica Raven loves having her size 7 feet sucked on. Shes had boyfriends with a foot fetish before, and it really turns her on. Angelica is from New York, is French and Native American, and stands 54". Her massive 34D tits could be the focus on this girl, but then you might miss her full round ass. Her fantasy is to have oatmeal eaten off that 25 year old ass.
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